Reel Magicians: The Art And Science Of Magic In Hollywood Movies (The Weissenberger Popular Culture Series) Glen Weissenberger

Reel Magicians: The Art and Science of Magic in Hollywood Movies (The Weissenberger Popular Culture Series)
by Glen Weissenberger
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"Reel Magicians is a one-of-a-kind movie guide for aficionados of film and/or magic: expertly-written reviews of all movies featuring magician characters-as stars, in pivotal character parts, or through powerful symbolic presences.

"But, a caveat! The dazzling celluloid illusions may indeed depict extraordinary artistry, but they must also comply with the laws of physics!"

"Weissenberger is the only creative scholar who could have authored this book. A delightfully dexterous magician of consummate skill, he edited The Protection of Magicians' Secrets (The World Alliance of Magicians, 2002), served as legal counsel to both WAM and The International Brotherhood of Magicians, taught graduate-level film courses, and chaired The Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Film Commission. And, as a former law school dean, and a nationally-renowned authority in legal evidence, psychiatry, and forensic psychology, he brings unique insights to magic moviemaking!"

"Reel Magicians is an invaluable movie review guide that belongs on every movie buff's and magician's bookshelf!"

Ken Klosterman, Member, Board of Trustees and Past President (1995-96), The International Brotherhood of Magicians; author, Salon de Magie (2006)

Whether you're an admirer of real-life illusionists such as Houdini, the Amazing Kreskin, the Blackstones (and more), who is eager to find the best film performances of stage magic, daring escapes, feats of mentalism (and more) ...

Or an ardent movie fan curious why magic captivates our most acclaimed filmmakers, from Martin Scorsese, to Woody Allen, to Brian De Palma, to Ingmar Bergman (and more) ...

Or you just love Hollywood gossip! Who couldn't get his magician movie greenlit without a little help from his A-List celebrity father? How did Allen treat his actors? (and more) ...

You'll love Reel Magicians! Everything You Want In a Magic Movie Review Reference Guide!

Expert capsule movie entries (The Duds!), as well as probing, often critical, evaluations (The Must-Sees!) of classic, obscure, and modern films!

A synopsis of each one, full movie credits, and any domestic or foreign film awards!

Insider details of the magic performed, and analyses of the magician characters!

Cleverly interwoven critical reviews from the movie's film festival circuit tour, its theatrical runs (Roger Ebert, the New York Times, and more), as well responses from later video, DVD, or cable releases (Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, and more)!

Is this a brilliant screenplay adaptation-or an original script that tanks? Are there lush production values (cinematography, musical scores)?

Which magical movies cross genres into film noir, horror, or sprinkle in some British humor? Have any become cult classics over time?

Which are suitable family fare? Is this one a light-hearted comedy or a complex psychological drama?

And where can you find these films? Reel Magicians answers all of the above (and MORE)!

Featured Bonus! Woody Allen's The Floating Light Bulb on Broadway!

Add to the annals of magic lore this richly-researched, never-before-published article in which the author traces Harry Blackstone Sr.'s creation of "the floating lightbulb" to Blackstone Jr.'s performing his father's crowd-pleasing effect in his Magnificent Musical Magic Show, to Allen's play of 1981.

Only here, do Light Bulb's Tony-winning star, Brian Backer; its magical director, Robert Aberdeen; and Gay Blackstone, widow of Blackstone Jr., share personal memories of Woody Allen and his Light Bulb with Weissenberger!


































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